Why We Drive Them

"Why We Drive Them" and the group of people behind it have something in common. We love to drive our special interest and vintage cars. And YOU are invited to join us.

"Why We Drive Them" was developed to bring a group of drivers and their families together. To enjoy each other's company. To swap stories about our cars and our trips. To investigate unique roadways. To have a beer together. To enjoy our cars, our friends and our families.

While we are just getting started, feel free to check out our planned activities and events. You are welcome to join us. But let us warn you, if you don't already, you'll come to like driving as much as we do!

For more information please vist: www.whywedrivethem.com.

To contact the Northern Illinois Street Rod Association, please write to us at: nilsrainfo@gmail.com

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